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Belly Buster (2017) (Solo Exhibition) Punt WG, Amsterdam (NL) www.bellybuster.nl
Photo: Wilma Kruijvenhoven
Photo: Wilma Kruijvenhoven Belly Buster is a scripted space in which three “unfilmable scenarios” unfold through sound. Imbedded within a mixed media installation of encoded communication, "the unspeakable" is played out as a way out of silence and the rationality of language. Inspired by Benjamin Fondane’s Trois Scenarii: cinépoèmes, three "unfilmable scenarios" were written as scripts for a hypothetical film, titled “Memoirs of Moody Monk”. “While writing the scripts, I imagined Fondane, Chris Morris and David Attenborough playing charades in a bar, listening to popular songbirds like Yma Sumac, Minnie Riperton and Mariah Carey.” — Michelle Son The exhibition was accompanied by a presentation by Nadja Cohen (PhD., KU Leuven) on her publication, Fondane et le Cinema (2016) and a Belly Buster booklet launch which includes a conversation with Sara Giannini (independent curator and semiotician), as well as live broadcasts by Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, an online radio station dedicated to the arts. Read the full conversation with Sara Giannini Belly Buster was kindly supported by AFK (Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst)