MICHELLE SON Belly Buster ZPF1109 Mutter I Mutter II The Lesson IMWORTHIT wuj┼źd dha\ti-hi INFO
ZPF1109 (2016) Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL) Inject print, display monitors, marbles, wood, backpack, iPhone
Photo: Gert van Rooij
Photo: Anne Laure Ruffin
Photo: Gert van Rooij What is madness? Who is Destiny? How relative are notions of guilt and innocence? Michelle Son does not shy way from questions like these, but tackles them with a serious senselessness. The work deliberately resists a pinned down interpretation of meaning and instead, questions our very own understanding of language (both verbal and non-verbal) and the use of associations. Often starting from personal observations of historical moments or daily events, her multi-media installations (combining video, sound, photography and low-fi crafted sculptures) playfully twist and challenge our common logic by revealing intrinsic contradictions. In the end, Son leaves you swimming in the fluidity of our very own relations to others, to macro and micro views of the world, and of time itself. Text by Rieke Vos